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Misaligned Grid columns


    • Icon: Bug Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Icon: Critical Critical
    • 8.0.0
    • ZK Client Engine
    • Security Level: Jean
    • Tomcat 7, IE11, Chrome

    • ZK 7.0.7

      Steps to reproduce

      1. run http://zkfiddle.org/sample/2n9613c/2-mis-aligned-columns

      Actual result

      The right-most column has biggest misaligned position.

      Reference data

      We have splitted original issue into another issue. We keep the original user's data below for reference.


      Problems showcased by grid 1:

      • The first five columns are set to hflex=min, but they are not rendered as such
      • On sorting the whole content jumps, the frozen area is odd, etc.
      • (De)Selecting a column via the menupopup causes another odd jumping. The auxheader are wrong after some time, too. (ZK-2776)
      • Changing the width of a column causes its footer to misalign (refer to ZK-2769)
      • Deselect column 6, scroll to the right, scroll back to the left again: Another render error (ZK-2776)

      Grid 2 showcase:
      It's basically the same as grid 1 but has many more columns. Almost no render problems as seen above occur? It does still have the misaligned footer on changing the column width.

      Grid 3 showcase:
      This one has no sizedByContent, hflex=min applies and sorting works well. But:

      • The content is initially misaligned caused by the scrollbar (current issue)
      • Changing the width of a column causes its footer to misalign (refer to ZK-2769)
      • Deselection of column 6 (ZK-2776)

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