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handle the massive paste error gracefully


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. copy A1:A155 from the attached excel file
      2. paste it into Keikai starting at A1

      Current Result

      nothing pasted and console shows an error

      zss.wpd:741 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getCell' of undefined
          at b._isProtect (zss.wpd:741)
          at b._speedCopy (zss.wpd:743)
          at fn (zss.wpd:1460)
          at b.onResponse (zss.wpd:478)
          at e (zk.wpd:343)
          at b.fire (zk.wpd:346)
          at zk.wpd:345

      Expected Result

      check pasting size first and produce a friendly error message

      proposed spec.

      Please evaluate the following spec. and discuss with Reporter:

      A. Load more data to the cache

      1. load more cell data from the server-side to match pasting range, then paste the data.

      B. Show graceful error message

      1. Check the pasting size first, if the size exceeds the client cache, cancel the paste and print an error message in a browser console.
      2. The error message is: Failed to paste: pasting range exceeds spreadsheet's cached cell data size

      • if it's necessary, also consider throwing a custom error
      • Then when a user or a developer see such message, we can tell him to increase preloadRowSize

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