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insert at the 1st row of a table doesn't keep consistent row style


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. run the zul
      2. click the button to insert a row
      3. compare the font between row 2 and 3

      Current Result

      the font at row 2 has the same style as its header instead of the row below

      Expected Result

      the text row style should keep consistent

      Debug Information

      • When inserting a row at the 1st row under the header row (e.g. row 2 on the above screenshot), the newly-inserted row always copies the header style, not the row style, which is not expected. Keikai should provide a solution to insert a row from the top without copying the header style.
      • if you insert a row in the same way in Excel, it will keep the inserted row with a row style instead of the header style.
      • For the current spec, app developers have to create a table with 2 empty rows. Then insert in the 2nd row to make sure the row style keep consistent.


      insert at 2nd row

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