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Users cannot type anything after closing a context menu


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    • 3.7.0
    • 3.6.0
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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Open a blank sheet in ZSS
      2. Right click on a cell, A1, and select an item on the context menu, e.g. cut, copy, or apply formatting on it [any category]
      3. the selection box is still on the cell A1
      4. type any character to enter A1

      Actual Result

      Cannot type anything in to the cell, A1, until you click A1 again

      Expected Result

      Users can type characters into A1 without clicking it.

      Debug Information

      • 2.6.FL, 3.5.0, and 3.6.0 all have the same behavior.
      • Excel and google spreadsheet can get focus back to a cell after closing a dialog or a context menu.


      <script defer="true"><![CDATA[
      var oldMethod = zss.StylePanel.prototype._closeStylePanel;
      zss.StylePanel.prototype._closeStylePanel = function () {
      	oldMethod.apply(this, arguments);
      DialogCloseListener = zk.$extends(zk.Object, {
      	onFloatUp: function(ctrl) { 
      		//at least 2 cases after open the context menu: open a dialog (like "format cell"), or click a menuitem
      		if (ctrl.origin.widgetName == 'button' || ctrl.origin.widgetName == 'listbox'){
      var listener = new DialogCloseListener();
          onFloatUp: listener

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