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Spreadsheet cannot understand data validation which refers to named range whose name comes from formula


      Reproducing Steps:

      1. Open the attached xlsx file in ZSS App
      2. Change focus to "B1"
      -> data validation dropdown contains "Item 1" through "Item 5"
      3. Select any value from the dropdown list
      4. Change focus to "B2"
      -> data validation dropdown is empty

      Both data validation dropdown lists are working when opened in Excel.

      Data validation source formulas:

      B1: =Current_List
      B2: =INDIRECT(SUBSTITUTE(B$1, " ", "_"))

      Named Ranges:

      A8 : E8 -> Current_List
      A9 : A13 -> Item_1
      B9 : B11 -> Item_2
      C9 : C9 -> Item_3
      D9 : D10 -> Item_4
      E9 : E12 -> Item_5

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