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delete rows/columns in corner freeze panel will cause Javascript exception


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    • 2.6.0
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      If delete row then delete column in corner freeze panel, ZSS will throw Javascript exceptions.

      Reproduce steps:

      1. load a blank XLSX file with freeze panel
        • for example, freeze 10 rows and 10 columns
      2. open Javascript console of browser
      3. input some text in C3 and C4
      4. remove row 3
      5. remove column C
      6. there are Javascript exceptions in console
      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'appendCell' of null zss.wpd:4933
      	zss.CellBlockCtrl.zk.$extends.create_ zss.wpd:4933
      	zss.TopPanel.zk.$extends.create_ zss.wpd:11877
      	zss.MainBlockCtrl.zk.$extends.create_ zss.wpd:9778
      	zss.MainBlockCtrl.zk.$extends.loadForVisible zss.wpd:10447
      	zss.SSheetCtrl.zk.$extends._cmdRemoveRC zss.wpd:14725
      	_doRemoveRCCmd zss.wpd:73
      	zss.Spreadsheet.zk.$extends.$define.removeRowColumn zss.wpd:344
      	(anonymous function) zk.wpd:9177
      	zk.copy._set2 zk.wpd:9542
      	zk.Widget.zk.$extends.set zk.wpd:14377
      	zAu.cmd1.setAttr zk.wpd:18820
      	doProcess zk.wpd:17932
      	doCmdsNow zk.wpd:18152
      	zAu._doCmds zk.wpd:18384
      	afterResponse zk.wpd:18054
      	onResponseReady zk.wpd:18051

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