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insert a row takes an unexpected long time


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. run the attached zul

      Current Result

      it takes over 60s to show the page

      Expected Result

      speed up the performance

      Debug Information

      • One cause: unnecessary cell change
        in FormulaTunerHelper.extendCellRef(),
        the original formula: VLOOKUP(C4,sheet1!C:I,6,0)
        the formula after insertion: VLOOKUP(C4,sheet1!C$1:I$65537,6,0)
        The 2 formula are actually equivalent but their string are not equal (!fexpr.getFormulaString().equals(exprAfter.getFormulaString())) is false, it triggers cell change and calling getDependent() which takes a long time.
      • In FormulaEngineEx.adjustPtgs():
        Ptg[] tokens = org.zkoss.poi.ss.formula.Formula.create(fe.getPtgs()).getTokens();
        it only copies 2 bytes whose max value is 65535 (Excel97) but PtgShifter runs with EXCEL2007 which has larger max row. Such create() will reduce the max row to 65535

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