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Gridline doesn't appear after exporting


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      steps to reproduce

      1. export 2014CashSheet.xlsx in ZSS
      2. load the exported file

      actual result

      gridline doesn't appear, even we enable gridline.

      Debug info

      • Copy2014CashSheet.xlsx is exported from 2014CashSheet.xlsx
      • The gridline disappears because those cells have a white right and bottom border specified in style
        <div id="_z_684" class="zscell zshi3 zsw1" zs.t="SCell" style="background-color:#ffffff;border-bottom:solid 1px #ffffff;border-right:solid 1px #ffffff;"><div id="_z_684-cave" ...><div id="_z_684-comment" ...></div></div></div>
      • A2's fill pattern is NONE in 2014CashSheet.xlsx, but become SOLID after exporting (in Copy2014CashSheet.xlsx). Therefore, zss renders a white (#ffffff) border for A1 because the code below:
        //border depends on next cell's fill color if solid pattern
        if(!hitBottom && nextFillStyle !=null){
            //String bgColor = BookHelper.indexToRGB(_book, style.getFillForegroundColor());
            //ZSS-34 cell background color does not show in excel
            String bgColor = nextFillStyle.getFillPattern() == FillPattern.SOLID ? 
                    nextFillStyle.getBackColor().getHtmlColor() : null; //ZSS-857
            if (bgColor != null) {
                hitBottom = appendBorderStyle(sb, "bottom", BorderType.THIN, bgColor);
            } else if (nextFillStyle.getFillPattern() != FillPattern.NONE) { //ZSS-841
                sb.append("border-bottom:none;"); // no grid line either
                hitBottom = true;

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