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Page rendering problem on firefox and IE


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    • 5.0.10
    • Browser Issue
    • Windows XP SP3
      Tomcat 7.0.11
      Firefox 9.0.1
      IE 8.0.6001.18702
      Chrome 14.0.835.186m
      Java 1.6.0_27
      ZK 5.0.10 EE (build: 2012010312)


      When I try to use this page attached only in chrome it renders. In IE and Firefox does not appear in the main part, only the menu.
      The code of the attachment was extracted using firebug, then the two windows that appear below in the display are activated with events in the production version.

      Another detail is that h/vflex the first Vlayout / Hlayout is not observed, ie, the screen should be filled completely.

      thank you

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