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Tree with paging, checkmark, and multiple: SelectEvent.getSelectedItems() returns incorrect results



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    • 9.6.2
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      Steps to Reproduce

      Please check out the ZK Fiddle: https://zkfiddle.org/sample/3lsbp6f/1-Tree-with-paging#source-2

      It contains a Tree with checkmark="true", multiple="true" and mold="paging".

      An event listener is attached to the Tree for the onSelect event, trying to find out which items are selected by using the event's method, getSelectedItems().

      To reproduce the issue, select some items on the different pages, and observe which items are returned in the Messagebox.

      Current Result

      Some examples of the strange results we observe:

      If we select a Treeitem on the first page, and then go to the third page and select a Treeitem there, it will display only the Treeitem on the third page, but not the item which is selected on the first page.

      If we go to the second page and select a Treeitem, it will not show the items selected on the third page.

      If we select an item on the first page, it will only show the items on the first page, never those on the 2nd or 3rd page.

      Expected Result

      It should always display all the selected items of the Tree.


      Use the Tree's method theTree.getSelectedItems(), it will always return the correct result.




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