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a highlighted window in an invisible parent doesn't get onSize event


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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 9.6.3
    •, 9.6.2
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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. click the button
      2. check z-window-content's height

      Current Result

      no height specified

      Expected Result

      there is a height specified

      Debug Information

      • 9.0.0 doesn't have this bug
      • users put a content-box inside window with height: 100%, if z-window-content has no height. The content-box height is also unexpected.
      • the target to check the visibility changes between 9.0.0 and


      • don't put the highlighted window into an invisible parent, win.setPage(parent.getPage())
      • CSS
        since window might have title, so you need to subtract the height of the title
        .z-window-content { height: calc(100% - 40px); // the height of the title in your environment }
      • win.setWidgetListener("onBind", "zWatch.fireDown('onSize', this)"); //fire onSize for ZK-5203

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