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listbox (autopaging) listitem height incorrect between iceblue/iceblue_c


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    • 9.6.0
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      Steps to Reproduce

      copied from github https://github.com/zkoss/zkThemeTemplate/issues/16

      check out the fiddle:
      if you use iceblue you can see that the listitem is not heigh enough. The combobox gets cut.
      When you use iceblue compact you see that the listitem height obviously is too heigh...

      the problem seems to be:
      .z-listbox-autopaging .z-listcell-content

      { height: 44px; }

      This is the same in both layouts.
      if you remove that height style, the height is the expected size

      Current Result

      iceblue (cut off comboboxes)

      iceblue_c (wasted space below comboboxes)

      Expected Result

      specify default autopaging row height suitable to the current theme (default and compact)

      similar to breeze theme where the default autopaging height fits by default

      Debug Information

      from the github issue:

      If you use grid instead of listbox, the styling is as expected.


      specify a different height via css

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