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navbar navitem icon/text alignment


    • Icon: Bug Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 9.6.0
    • Freshly, 8.0.5, 9.6.0
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      Steps to Reproduce

          <navbar collapsed="false" orient="vertical" >
              <nav iconSclass="z-icon-user" label="Users">
                  <navitem label="Manage" iconSclass="z-icon-gears"/>
                  <navitem label="Ban" iconSclass="z-icon-ban"/>
                  <navitem label="Delete" iconSclass="z-icon-trash"/>
                  <navitem label="No Image"/>
                  <navitem label="Wrong icon class" iconSclass="z-icon-doesnt-exist"/>
              <nav iconSclass="z-icon-motorcycle" label="Motorcycle"/>
              <nav iconSclass="z-icon-car" label="Cars"/>
              <nav label="No Icon"/>
              <nav label="Wrong icon class" iconSclass="z-icon-doesnt-exist"/>

      Current Result

      The text is not aligned horizontally for <nav>

      also {{<navitem>}}s give the same result

      Expected Result

      consistent text alignment
      e.g. by applying a min-width for the icons of 20px (same width of the spacer image in case no image/icon is set)

      Debug Information

      since there is a spacer image in case no icon/img is provided I assume that's the supposed default spacing for every nav/navitem


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