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Grid/Listbox/Tree supports sticky column headers


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      User Story

      • As an application developer, I want to enable sticky column headers, so when end-users scroll down the whole page, the column headers can always be visible on the top of the page. (the grid doesn't have a scroll bar and it's not in paging mold.)
      • As an application developer, I want to enable/disable sticky column headers according to my situation.

      Acceptance Criteria

      When a user scrolls down a page and makes a Grid's header out of visible range in a view port. The Grid's header becomes floating and sticky on the top of the page.


      • In a long, scrollable page, if a grid has a scrollbar, it produces a double scrollbar which is usually a bad design. A paging mold requires extra clicking which is also bad for mobile users. It's more user-friendly that end-users can just scroll down without clicking a "next page" button.
      • See the attached zul as an example.
      • use case

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