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Missing rmDesktop in FF with browser popup


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    • 9.5.0
    • Browser Issue
    • Security Level: Jimmy
    • reproduced with lastest FF / FF ESR on windows 10. (Firefox ESR 68.0.1 and latest standard release)

      Doesn't happen with older FF version (Firefox ESR 45.7.0)

    • ZK 9.5.0 S1

      Steps to Reproduce


      Download (fiddle has side effects on url) and run on a separate server, or with a latency proxy emulator.

      Using firefox, click the button to open the app.zul page in a popup page from the main window.

      Close the main window first, then close the popup.

      Current Result

      rmDesktop is not sent from clients side. (observed with pass-through proxy http recorder)

      Expected Result

      Firefox should notify end of desktop with rmDesktop, even from a popup

      Debug Information

      May be technology limit in FF with the current rmDesktop implementation. If so, still need to find a way to destroy desktops when orphaned.


      Use the Watchdog implementation from tracker ticket ZK-4194 to destroy tickets from server-side if connection is broken

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