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support a way to re-sort a ListModel under MVVM pattern


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      Use case

      • a listbox is sorted by sort="auto(language)" by clicking a listheader
      • After adding a new item into ListModel, how to force ListModel to sort again?

      Current Result

      1. call Listheader.sort() , but this is not MVVM way
      2. ListModelList.sort(Comparator<E> cmpr, final boolean ascending) requires 2 parameters but app developers can't get the existing comparator and sorting order

      Proposed solution

      Check attached SortedListModelList
      1. a sort() method that sorts the ListModel with the previous comparator and sorting order
      2. in add(), insert the newly-add item into the proper position instead of sorting the whole list after insertion to keep the whole list sorted in the same way.

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