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ZK 9 Embed using an absolute URL


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    • ZK9 on Tomcat 9

      Wordpress on Linux with nginx as reverse proxy

      Steps to Reproduce

      If you try to use an absolute URL when try to load an embed application, the domain is removed in CSS and JS lists and so the files are not found.

      In my app i have this environment:

      1) A wordpress app loaded via demo.animasystems.com

      2) A ZK app loaded via um.animasystems.com/Lotto

      When i load the script via

      <script id="embeddedScript" src="https://um.animasystems.com/Lotto/zkau/web/js/zkmax/embedded/embedded.src.js"></script>

      The file is loaded correctly and also the index.zul page using:

      zEmbedded.load('embeddedZK', 'https://um.animasystems.com/Lotto/index.zul');

      Is loaded. But the css list and js list are loaded using demo.animasystems.com and not using um.animasystems.com and so since they are two different domains they are not found



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