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Tree's content is hidden by default when there is no Treecol element


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    • 8.6.3
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      Steps to Reproduce

      After upgrading from to 8.6.3 version we noticed problems with one of our components which renders Tree. The tree was rendered but it was hidden by default.

      Current Result

      http://zkfiddle.org/direct/15f30h9/1/v8.6.3-Another-new-ZK-fiddle?run=1eg2d15 -> 8.6.3 version, the same code as above, but Tree is not visible.

      Expected Result

      the tree is visible

      Debug Information

      • The problem is with _afterCalcSize function in zul.mesh.wpd file. It adds "visibility:hidden" style. After some investigation, it seems that it occurs only when Treecols element has no children. It previous version it worked fine.

      Here are some fiddles:


      1. remove the no-children Treecols
      2. add 2 Treecol without any label

      <window title="tree demo" border="normal" width="400px" >
          <tree id="tree" rows="5">
      <!-- remove this no-children component
              <treecols sizable="true">
                          <treecell label="Item 1" />
                          <treecell label="Item 1 description" />
                          <treecell label="Item 2" />
                          <treecell label="Item 2 description" />
                                  <treecell label="Item 2.1" />
                                  <treecell label="Item 2.2" />
                                      label="Item 2.2 is something who cares" />
                  <treeitem label="Item 3" />
                  <treefooter label="Count" />
                  <treefooter label="Summary" />

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