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Rendering performance listbox in borderlayout


    • ZK 8.6.1 S1

      Steps to Reproduce

      run the attachment listbox-in-borderlayout.zul
      click the button

      change the number of listitems to render in the <foreach> element

      Current Result

      With increasing number of listitems resizing operations take increasingly longer
      Here a few measurements by the Chrome profiler showing the non linear progression

      • 10 -> ~230ms
      • 20 -> ~700ms
      • 30 -> ~1500ms
      • 40 -> ~2800ms
      • 50 -> ~4500ms

      Expected Result

      results comparable or better to (this didn't happen in the previous version)

      Debug Info

      The following changes each improve the situation significantly

      • making the button visible in the first cell
      • removing the hflex="1" in the second cell
      • removing the vflex="1" from the listbox
      • replacing the surrounding borderlayout with a simple div

      the combination of the conditions causes the performance degradation

      nesting multiple borderlayouts multiplies the negative effect

      • grid also has the same problem, please check the attached zul

      Root Cause


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