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Automatic session timeout redirects unreliable with websockets enabled


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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 8.5.2,
    • ZK Client Engine
    • Security Level: Jimmy
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    • Reproduced with Tomcat 8.5.29

      Steps to Reproduce

      simple test zul

      	<label value="Session: ${session.nativeSession.id}, Desktop: ${desktop.id}"></label>

      enable automatic-session-timeout with a timeout-uri (configuring short timeout and redirect-loop make debugging easier)


      Current Result

      The automatic redirect doesn't always occur. Sometimes the page remains unchanged

      Expected Result

      Reliable redirect after timeout

      Debug Info

      As seen in automatic-session-timeout-with-ws.png the last WS request didn't disconnect after 10 seconds. Instead of a "/zkau" request containing the "dummy", the "dummy" was sent to the ws endpoint. ->Then session timeout handling doesnt happen

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