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Annotation supports an array of values and string-type value and so on


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      Annotation shall support

      1) New format:
      @annot-name(att1-name=att1-value, att2-name=att2-value) @annot-name()

      A list of annotations separated by space. And, each annotation is in the format of:
      @annot-name(key=value, value, key=value)

      That is, it starts with the annotation's name and a parenthesis to enclose any number of key and value pairs (key is optional).

      2) an array of values:
      @annot-name(name1={value1, value2}}, other-value)

      3) string-typed value:

      where the attribute's value is 'abc' (with single quot). In other words, it is different from $annot-name(name=abc)

      4) spaces are allowed in the value:
      @bind(name=first second 'more', another='more or less')

      Notice the format is different from the older version: ${xxx}

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