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DesktopCleanup of ZK is not called in IE 9


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    • 7.0.3, 7.0.5
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    • zkee-bin-eval-7.0.5-FL-2015-03-19
      IE 9

      I have encountered one interesting question about "DesktopCleanup"

      There are two ways to do something after closing the browser:

      public class MyDesktopCleanup implements DesktopCleanup {
      public void cleanup(Desktop arg0) throws Exception

      { System.out.println("Close browser======"); }

      then write into zk.xml: listener description:MyDesktopCleanup listener-class:com.text.MyDesktopCleanup

      ============= or, you can do this: ==========================

      public void doAfterCompose(Component comp) throws Exception {

      comp.getDesktop().addListener(new DesktopCleanup() {
      public void cleanup(Desktop desktop) throws Exception

      { System.out.println("Close browser======"); }

      I have test these two methods in Chrome and firefox, they both operated well and print :"Close browser======". But if I run this in IE 9, something interesting happened: after running the web project and I open IE 9 to access the web page. Before closing IE, I do nothing, then the DesktopCleanup is called and it is right. However, if I do something like upload files on web page, after closing IE, the DesktopCleanup would be not called.

      So, how can I resolve this problem ? Thank you very much!

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