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ZK on iOS 8.0.2 Safari not working ?


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    • 6.5.8, 7.0.4
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    • iOS 8.0.2 on iPad

      ZK on iOS 8.0.2 with the standard Safari seems to be broken:

      • try to load from the zk homesite Demos / ZK sandbox -> it never loads, processing stays forever
      • same in ZK Live Demo / listbox / Paging. Here you have a JS error message "Failed to mount: setLabel not in superclass"
      • same symptoms in our application, but we don't have a showcase on the Internet

      As far as I could debug, the error is really deep inside the framework - the $supers is not working properly. Just to make things worse, but it could also be a clue about threads processing, if you set breakpoints and try to follow the execution, it works.

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