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Disabled menu and tool bar icons not transparent in IE8


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    • 7.0.2
    • Browser Issue, CSS
    • Windows 7 64bit, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome, Breeze theme

      Icons of menu items and tool bar buttons should be slightly transparent when disabled. They are in Chrome. But in IE 8, they are not and appear like enabled icons.

      <a title="Title" disabled="disabled" class="z-toolbarbutton" id="z_26">
          <span class="z-toolbarbutton-content" id="z_26-cnt">
              <img align=absMiddle src="/.../image/image.gif">

      Investigating the css on the z-toolbarbutton I found:

      .z-toolbarbutton[disabled] {
          opacity: .6; (for real browsers) 
          filter: alpha(opacity=60); (for IE)
          filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(enabled=false); (for IE).

      Opacity works in Chrome and FF, but filter does not work in IE8. I was able to make it work though:

      .z-toolbarbutton[disabled] img {
          filter: alpha(opacity=60);

      Note the img. I guess that a similar fix would apply to menu items.

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