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Bad performance of Listbox after ZK 6.5.2 --> 6.5.3 upgrade


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    • 6.5.4
    • 6.5.3
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    • Apache Tomcat 6 / OpenJDK 6


      I have a Listbox with ListModelMap containing 40k objects.
      The Listbox is "paging" mold, with 100 items per page.

      Until 6.5.2, the creation and displaying of this Listbox took less than 1 second.
      After upgrading to 6.5.3, the creation and displaying of the Listbox takes 40 seconds or more (400x performance loss).
      Reverting the ZK libraries to 6.5.2 grants back the fast performance with no changes to my code.

      Here is a code snippet about how I create the Listbox...

      public class MyListbox extends Listbox {
      public MyListbox(ListitemRenderer renderer)

      { setItemRenderer(renderer); setAttribute("org.zkoss.zul.listbox.autoSort", true); setMold("paging"); setPageSize(100); setVflex(true); }

      Hope this helps to fix the bug.
      For any information you need, please ask me.

      Best regards
      Gianluca Bonetti

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