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Frozen grid with footer: throws error on client console and does not correctly calculate column width, when the frozen area is scrolled


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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 6.5.4
    • 6.5.3
    • ZK Client Engine
    • Security Level: Jimmy
    • Current Versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox

      Setup a frozen grid with a footer like here:


      Open the browsers console, then begin scrolling the frozen area. On scrolling the console will get filled with the following bugs:

      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined zul.mesh.wpd:3333
      zul.mesh.Frozen.zk.$extends._doScrollNow zul.mesh.wpd:3333
      zul.mesh.Frozen.zk.$extends._doScroll zul.mesh.wpd:3260
      (anonymous function) zk.wpd:13822
      jQuery.event.handle zk.wpd:2985
      elemData.handle.eventHandle zk.wpd:2619

      Also the width of the columns is NOT calculated correctly. This might not look so bad for this example, but if you have setup more columns in the frozen area, things get even worse.

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