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ZK session timeout on JBoss AS 7 cluster issue


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    • 6.5.4
    • 6.5.2
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    • JBoss AS 7 with Apache 2.2 in front

      Either session is not replicated correctly or replicated session is not detected on server-side. This causes the page to timeout on next request after a cluster node fails
      Setup JBoss cluster with 2 nodes. Create test app with ZK Maven Archetype for ee-eval.
      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Load index.zul (observe session id which shall contain node id for eg. YsMHmxDa9SEkur-N2nvGHB4P.standalone-nodeA)
      2. Increase count by clicking count button
      3. Stop/Terminate the current node serving requests from step 1 and 2
      4. Click count once more
      Count is increased and session id should be same but with suffix changed to second node id YsMHmxDa9SEkur-N2nvGHB4P.standalone-nodeB)
      Page shows zk timeout message and have to reload. Completely new session is created to serve this new page load

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