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Open context menu for multiple selected objects does not work correctly in Firefox


      I want to open context menu for multiple selected items of a tree. The context menu shall be opened when user right-clicks one of the selected items. Therefore I've set the library property "org.zkoss.zul.tree.rightSelect" to true. Multiple selection is done by pressing either control- or shift-key (range selection) while selecting the items. However in Firefox browser, when I press the shift-key to select the range and then right-click while keeping the shift-key pressed, the context menu of the browser appears instead of the context menu that was defined for the item (using method item.setContext(...)). A workaround for Firefox browser is to press the control-key instead of the shift-key while right-clicking. The problem only exists in Firefox but not in IE (I did not test other browsers).

      A fix for the ZK 6.0 branch would be appreciated.

      Note: Another issue is, that right-clicking toggles the selection. However I solved this issue by re-selecting the item if it was de-selected when right-clicking the item.

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