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Trendy button doesn't change it's style properly when loosing focus


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      In certain situation trendy button looks like it's focused even when it's not. Default mold is not affected. Please look at the screenshot - all three components are "focused" but in fact only the input box has focus.

      How to reproduce:

      <zk xmlns="http://www.zkoss.org/2005/zul">
              <bandpopup width="200px" height="100px">
                  <button id="btn1" label="Button 1" mold="trendy"></button>
                  <button id="btn2" label="Button 2" mold="trendy"></button>

      1. Click on the bandbox button to open the popup.
      2. Click on one of the buttons to give it focus.
      3. Click on area outside of popup to close the bandbox.
      4. Click on the bandbox button to open the popup again.

      Now bandbox input field has focus but button is still rendered as focused.

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