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Modal window loses it's modality in certain situation


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      If you display the notification bubble from within a modal window then that window is losing it's modality when moved around.

      Example code:

      <zk xmlns="http://www.zkoss.org/2005/zul">
          <window id="mainWindow">
              <button label="Open modal window">
                  <attribute name="onClick">modalWindow.setVisible(true)</attribute>
          <window id="modalWindow" mode="modal" title="Modal window" visible="false"
                  width="80%" height="50%" border="normal">
              <button label="click me">
                  <attribute name="onClick">
                      Clients.showNotification("Now try to drag around the modal window")

      Also please note that there is something strange going on when you finally drop this window in the new position.
      When you move it again for the second time (now without clicking on the button) it will loose modality even without notification bubble. It's only when you move it for the third time when it's back to normal.

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