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Problem With Parent of the Menupopup in Fullscreen


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    • 6.5.1
    • 5.0.9
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      I'm using requestFullscreen to make a div Fullscreen.
      The problem is that in this div I append an image that should display a menupopup when it pressed.
      When I'm not in fullscreen, the menupopup appears normally, but when I'm in fullscreen it "does not appear", or appears "bellow of the div" that is in fullscreen, because the application adds Menupopup by default in the root of the html, and the browser only show the content inner the div.

      The Menupopup need to be added inside the div that goes to fullscreen and not the root (I tried SetParent and appendChild).
      The same problem I think will happen to modal window, popup and others, if I try to use

            MontyPan MontyPan
            interacthb interacthb
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