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Combobutton has problems with label change if it's not closed beforehand


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    • 6.0.2
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      If you change the label of a combobutton component while it is still open (popup visible) then the popup itself gets corrupted. It's position is changed and it's size is limited to that of parent component.

      How to reproduce:

      	<window border="normal" mode="overlapped" position="center">
      		<combobutton id="comboBtn" label="open me">
      					<button id="btn1" label="click me" onClick="comboBtn.label = self.label"></button>
      					<button id="btn2" label="or me" onClick="comboBtn.label = self.label"></button>
      					<button id="btn3" label="me too!" onClick="comboBtn.label = self.label"></button>

      Now the popup is corrupted. Please note that the clicked button is still focused so you can use a Tab key and watch that it behaves correctly.

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