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setSheetMaxVisibleRows() and setSheetMaxVisibleColumns() change Spreadsheet maxVisibleRows and maxVisibleColumns


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    • 6.0.0
    • 5.12.2
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      Steps to Reproduce

          <button label="set visible row" onClick="setMaxVisibleRows()"/>
          <spreadsheet id="ss" maxVisibleRows="200" maxVisibleColumns="40" height="80%"
          src="/WEB-INF/books/blank2.xlsx" showSheetbar="true"/>
          public void setMaxVisibleRows(){
              ss.setSheetMaxVisibleRows(ss.getSelectedSSheet(), 250);

      1. click the button
      2. check 2 sheet's max visible row

      Current Result

      both sheets' max visible rows are changed

      Expected Result

      nothing changed

      Debug Information

      • the method should only change a sheet's setting instead of the component's properties. Spreadsheet might render rows on each setting but app devs don't expect this method to change the component's max visible row. If they want to change, they should call Spreadsheet.setMaxVisibleRows()
      • These 2 methods accept SSheet instead of Sheet which are different from most other public methods. I suppose SSheet is an internal object and should not appear on a Spreadsheet's public method signature

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