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Keikai formats a number differently from Excel


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    • 6.0.0
    • 5.12.2
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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. import keikai-663.xlsx
      2. check B2

      Current Result

      keikai: 91.57
      Excel: 91.58

      Expected Result

      both have the same value

      Another Steps to reproduce

      1. import [^keikai-663-2.xlsx]
      2. compare numbers between Excel and keikai

      Current result

      they are different

      Expected Result

      they are equivalent

      Debug Information

      • don't round during TwoOperandNumericOperation e.g. add, substrate, multiply, divide. Only round it when passing a double into an Excel function. This result matches Excel's one.


      I have verified the workaround with KEIKAI-609, KEIKAI-342

        1. FormatEngineImpl.java
          9 kB
        2. FormulaResultCellValue.java
          2 kB
        3. keikai-663.xlsx
          10 kB
        4. NumericFunction.java
          17 kB
        5. TwoOperandNumericOperation.java
          4 kB

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