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iText 2.1 security vulnerability


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    • 5.12.0
    • 5.11.0
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      Steps to Reproduce


      Current Result

      The vulnerability is about XML parser. That parse is never used in the keikai feature, exporting a PDF. The parser is used to read and parse XML files. The usage of iText in keikai is quite limited. Keikai only produces a PDF file with iText from a Book object. It never reads any XML content. So the vulnerability doesn't affect keikai.

      Expected Result

      Debug Information

      • itext changed its license after version 2, and the MPL/LGPL license we use are no longer available in itext 5 and later versions. Due to this change, we can not simply upgrade the itext version.

      Potential Solutions

      1. consider to replace it with https://github.com/LibrePDF/OpenPDF
      2. fork itext 2.1.7 open source repository and remove xml parser, build our own version

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