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switching sheets causes a js error, when there is a focus out of the visible range


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    • 5.11.0
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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. switch to Sheet2
      2. switch to Sheet1
      3. repeat step1 and 2 for 2 more times

      Current Result

      when switching to the 1st tab at the 3rd times:

      zss.wpd:24557 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'i')
      at init.$init (zss.wpd:24557:21)
      at new init (zk.wpd:9734:18)
      at init.initHeaders_ (zss.wpd:27613:13)
      at init.$init (zss.wpd:27185:23)
      at new init (zk.wpd:9734:18)
      at init.doSheetSelected (zss.wpd:37487:20)
      at init.sheetId (zss.wpd:12926:15)
      at init.setSheetId (zk.wpd:9781:15)
      at init.doSelectSheet (zss.wpd:36891:10)
      at init._onSelectSheet (zss.wpd:36813:8)

      Expected Result

      no error

      Debug Information

      • caused by KEIKAI-572. 5.9.0 doesn't have this bug.
      • the focus is at B100 on the Sheet1. If you put the focus inside the visible range, the bug doesn't happen.

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