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modify an existing custom formula, but it shows the formula not the result


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. load a blank file
      2. enter =SUM(2,2) at A1
      3. modify it to =SUM(1,3)

      Current Result

      A1 shows the formula itself in cell not the value

      Expected Result

      show 4

      Debug Information

      • for ZSS-1164, keikai writes user input text into cell DOM to show user input immediately without waiting the server response, especially under slow network. But when updating a cell with server data, cell widget doesn't change the cell DOM text when the result text doesn't change (after fixing KEIKAI-470). Hence, if I edit a formula but it still produces the same result, cell widget doesn't change its text in DOM, so it keeps showing the entered formula.



      • For a cell with a formula, don't write formula text into DOM, since formula is not a result. That case is useful when user input a text or a number.

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