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Failed to mount: Unknown widget: zss.Spreadsheet


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    • 5.2.0
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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. start https://github.com/keikai/ with mvn jetty:run under 5.2.0.FL.20200409-Eval
      2. open chrome developer tool
      2. visit any zul with keikai http://localhost:8080/dev-ref/import-src.zul

      Current Result

      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined
          at zssex.wpd:3509
          at zssex.wpd:4216
          at doEnd (zk.wpd:25430)
          at Function._zkf (zk.wpd:25469)
          at zss.wpd:43230
          at doEnd (zk.wpd:25430)
          at Function._zkf (zk.wpd:25469)
          at zul.inp.wpd:5416
          at doEnd (zk.wpd:25430)
          at Function._zkf (zk.wpd:25469)
      zk.wpd:26228 Uncaught Unknown widget: zss.Spreadsheet
      (anonymous) @ zk.wpd:26228
      setTimeout (async)
      zkx @ zk.wpd:26227
      zkmx @ zk.wpd:26249
      (anonymous) @ import-src.zul:44

      Expected Result

      no error

      Debug Information

      • only happens at the first time I visit a page after starting jetty, reloading the page again, the error is gone. To reproduce again, I need to restart jetty.
      • 5.2.0.FL.20200402-Eval doesn't have this bug.
      • freshly 0407, 0408, 0409 all have this bug.

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