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the selection box (focus) moves slowly


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. import the attached file with larger visible rows and columns like:

          <spreadsheet id="ss" height="100%" width="100%" 
                       maxVisibleRows="2050" maxVisibleColumns="400" showContextMenu="true"
                       showToolbar="true" showSheetbar="true" showSheetTabContextMenu="true" showFormulabar="true"/>

      2. visit the page with Chrome
      3. scroll down to 900 row, scroll right to column AJ
      4. keep pressing right key to move the focus (selection box)

      Current Result

      the selection box jumps over several cells when moving right. it doesn't appear on each cell on the row. watch the video.

      Expected Result

      no such jump

      Debug Information

      • if I don't scroll down and right, just move focus right after importing. Such jumping is not obvious.
      • check moveFocusHeavy.json.zip

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