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Refactor Spreadsheet.java


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      Current Result

      The current implementation of Spreadsheet.java contains too many code about 7K lines, which is hard to maintain and modify. 

      Expected Result

      • Simplify and refactor Spreadsheet.java
      • extract those code for rendering to client to a separate package e.g. Spreadsheet::getCellAttr
      • https://github.com/zkoss/keikaicml/blob/master/keikai/src/io/keikai/api/Books.java#L13 BOOK_TYPE_KEY is declared in 3 different places: Books, AbstractImporter, AbstractExcelImporter. It's better to reduce to 1.
      • suggest to collect all server-to-client commands constants into one class e.g. smartUpdate("activeRange", activeRange); renderer.render("toolbarButtons", _buttons), so that we can easily reviews/checks these commands.

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