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ClipboardPasteEvent.getArea() doesn't return the area a user pastes values to


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. implement a ON_CLIPBOARD_PASTE listener like

             @Listen(Events.ON_CLIPBOARD_PASTE +"= #ss")
      	public void onClipboardPaste(ClipboardPasteEvent event){

      2. copy a 2x2 range from Excel, paste at A1

      Current Result

      it prints A1

      Expected Result


      Functional Requirements

      1. Such event is fired after a paste is done at server-side which means calling Range::getCellValue() in such event listener returns the pasted value.
      For example, if a user pastes myvalue at a blank cell, A1. Calling a1Range.getCellValue() in such event listener returns myvalue instead of empty string.
      2. Such event provides the area changed by the paste action.
      For example, if a user pastes a 2 * 2 range from Excel, click A1 and paste. The event should provide a methods that returns the range A1:B2.

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