Version 3.5.0


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Released: 09/Jul/14

Release Notes

CriticalNew FeatureZSS-565Support input with Swedish locale into formulahenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-171Input "=" on cell shall not append cell referenceRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-221Can't clear a filter then apply it in same auhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-436Incorrect sheet viewdennisClosed
NormalNew FeatureZSS-459VALUE function support smart input formathenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-480Unexpected result when insert row with validation.henrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-514if the font size is larger than 24, the text will overlap each other when using inline editorRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-540Style objects are not cleaned up or reusedJenkinsClosed
NormalBugZSS-553"clear style" and "clear all" can unmerge cells, but undo can't merge them backpaowangClosed
NormalBugZSS-555Insert a row on the row with autofilter cause double autofilterhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-556Scroll then change sheet, make autofilter disappearhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-558Apply autofilter to the first row, doesn't apply data below automaticallyhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-559Reapply filter works strangelyhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-577Can't display chart correctlyhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-578Insert a picture at Range(0,0) and drag it left or top will cause null pointer exceptionhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-579Undo doesn't notify toolbar button to change statusdennisClosed
NormalBugZSS-580Edit a cell with big text size (bigger than 30) and text are wider than column cause overlap textRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-586Select all then insert row cause javascript error (insert column work fines)dennisClosed
NormalBugZSS-609The input text box doesn't disappeared when rename sheet bar with empty name and click another sheetRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-628Use of doubles in handling calculationshenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-629Excel numbers with commas pasted as text in ZSShenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-632mailto link should not appear in web address textbox in "Insert Hyperlink" dialogRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-641Desktop not found if I submit the form.dennisClosed
NormalBugZSS-644Fail to export to XLSX format when the book has a hyperlink with invalid URIhawkClosed
NormalBugZSS-645Fail to export to XLS format when the book has a named range referring to an external bookhawkClosed
NormalBugZSS-646apply filter incorrectly when contained merged cellshenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-648Validation position doesn't shift up when delete rows shift uphenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-649After delete row, NameRange doesn't updatehenrichenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZSS-651Need to enhance performance for partial evaluationdennisClosed
NormalBugZSS-652Cut Formula shouldn't be shifted when it is not in cut rangedennisClosed
NormalBugZSS-654if I directly right click on different cell in IE 8 and 9, the context menu often close automaticallypaowangClosed
NormalBugZSS-655Formula that contains Name doesn't updatedennisClosed
NormalBugZSS-660Should validate name of the created NamehenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-661Formula is incorrect after rename Name or it's refersTo region.henrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-662Paste large text into a cell, visible area of the worksheet moves to the lefthenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-664page down/up move by page size, not 100 rowsRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-672Input #NAME? shall be deemed as an Error valuehenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-674edit a cell but do not leave, hit save, changes not savedRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-675Context menu does not close when left click inside the selectionRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-677AbstractExcelImporter doesn't reuse imported fonthenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-679Edit objects option in sheet protection is inconsistent when save to exceldennisClosed
NormalBugZSS-680ZSS App always save to xlsx format.henrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-681Open context menu and press tab, the upper style panel should closeRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-683Enter formula with bad syntax, would cause infinite error message windowRaymondChaoClosed
NormalNew FeatureZSS-684Auto expand editing area's width when editing cellRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-687Formula that refer to a NameRange does not update contents correctlydennisClosed
NormalBugZSS-689Edit cell formula and use mouse to select a merged cell, it will insert rangeRaymondChaoClosed
NormalNew FeatureZSS-691Support calculation in Excel's double precisionhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-693Sorting should shift formula accordinglyhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-694The Validation of a Cell should be pasted to the new range accordingly.henrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-696Cut a single cell and Paste to a merged cell should unmerge the merged cell and paste to the left-top cell of the original merged cellhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-699Crash with medium xlsx filehenrichenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZSS-702Fine tune DataValidation to hold multiple regionshenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-704Add one more value in the bottom cell of an autofilter column, press button does not list the new valuehenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-705Failed on handle the case when merged cells are in the top row of AutoFilterhenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-706Open context menu, click between style popup and menu popop, the style popup does not closeRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-707The sorting order of AutoFilter dropdown is not correct.henrichenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZSS-708Support theme customizationRaymondChaoClosed
NormalNew FeatureZSS-713Make a modern design theme as defaultRaymondChaoClosed
NormalNew FeatureZSS-714When in collaboration edit, hover on other editor's current selection will show its nameRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-715 InvalidFormulaException while importing an XLS file with formula in pt_BR LocalehenrichenClosed
NormalBugZSS-716Insert function which takes no arguments by "Insert Function" dialog will get wrong formulaRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-719Insert bad formula may show unexpected error messageRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZSS-723Merge should preserve the original borderhenrichenOpen
NormalBugZSS-763onCtrlKey event not fire on spreadsheet when the short cut is "ctrl + n"JerryChenClosed
MinorBugZSS-294cannot create a named rangedennisClosed
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