Version 8.6.1


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Released: 05/Mar/19

Release Notes

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CriticalBugZK-4136Listbox PerformanceUnassignedClosed
MajorBugZK-3860Chosenbox - Createable does disable SelectwenninghsuClosed
MajorBugZK-4198Decimalbox implementation broken when using languages with comma as decimal separatorrudyhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-3197Listbox Scroll down automaticallyDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3532HtmlBasedComponent supports addSclass() removeSclass() Leon03Closed
NormalBugZK-3763Clients.showNotification will not show even the target component is in the viewportLeon03Closed
NormalBugZK-3787Tbeditor vflex overlapped other elementsCharlesQiuClosed
NormalBugZK-3876combobox does not provide proper placeholder styleLeon03Closed
NormalBugZK-3985Listbox size change when click the listitemLeon03Closed
NormalBugZK-4086knob paddings wasting spaceCharlesQiuClosed
NormalBugZK-4091Collapsing a Groupbox with invalidate causes a JavaScript errorrudyhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-4099ProxyHandler on method "set" causes errorrudyhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-4102Slider flex sizing does not update the default 200pxCharlesQiuClosed
NormalBugZK-4108can't use mouse wheel to control slider knob in some browserCharlesQiuClosed
NormalBugZK-4116Spinner/Timebox button active style not workingrudyhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-4117Timebox using flex will cause page error on touch devicesrudyhuangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-4122Organigram supports client RODCharlesQiuClosed
NormalBugZK-4125Vertical slider area is not aligned with buttonDevChuClosed
NormalBugZK-4126Open/Collapse Panel and Groupbox cause js error in consoleDevChuClosed
NormalBugZK-4134Chosenbox - remove interval doesn't remove the last selectionwenninghsuClosed
NormalBugZK-4140The height of chosenbox should be the same as other input componentsCharlesQiuClosed
NormalBugZK-4141Desktop.setBookmark escapes slash symbols wronglyLeon03Closed
NormalBugZK-4147Comboitem icon display issue in Iceblue Compact Leon03Closed
NormalBugZK-4157contentEditable is not working on ios mobile deviceLeon03Closed
NormalBugZK-4161Change return type of hasVScroll and hasHScrollCharlesQiuClosed
NormalBugZK-4178"Aug 32, 2018" became valid in lenient datebox after ZK-4023rudyhuangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-4179Add a library property to disable ZK history APIrudyhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-4182zul.inp.Errorbox is shown regardless the component visibilityrudyhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-4197getAnimationSpeed in anima.js always return +1 valueCharlesQiuClosed
LaterBugZK-2700Textbox with multiple rows allows to input more symbols when define in textbox property 'maxlength'CharlesQiuClosed
LaterBugZK-3764Button renders a stacked font awesome icon incorrectlyrudyhuangClosed
MinorNew FeatureZK-3629Indeterminate progressmeterLeon03Closed
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