Version 8.5.0


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Released: 31/Oct/17

Release Notes

MajorNew FeatureZK-3720Provide a new theme as the default theme since ZK 8.5rudyhuangClosed
MajorBugZK-3786Selected item in Listbox did not scrolled into view automatically on EdgebobpengClosed
MajorBugZK-3803Timebox Issue - "TypeError: zul.Auxbutton is not a constructor"UnassignedClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-550Server Push: add a Web Socket based implementationwenninghsuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3525implement frozen alternativeDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3539Update Trumbowyg to latest releaseUnassignedClosed
NormalBugZK-3614Chosenbox: getOptIdByElement fails if the desktop of the chosenbox is nullbobpengClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3636Added simple support for stacked font awesome iconsDevChuClosed
NormalBugZK-3637Client side @command and @global-command should work with options "duplicateIgnore" and "repeatIgnore"DevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3648Configure displayed rows for gridsUnassignedClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3681Add a new Fragment componentrudyhuangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3683Add a new Splitlayout componentDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3684BeanValidator allows to set a self-defined message keyrudyhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-3686Timebox and Timepicker show their popup out of visible rangewenninghsuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3709Update Engine: add a WebSocket based implementationwenninghsuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3711Support HTML5 history APIrudyhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-3723Combobox and Bandbox ignore type="password"DevChuClosed
NormalBugZK-3758Row height changed after column sets visibilitywenninghsuClosed
NormalBugZK-3759Disabled Menu can be clicked in mobile devicesrudyhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-3784Paging indicator overlapped buttons if the width is too smallrudyhuangClosed
LaterBugZK-3642ZK can't work with Java unified expression language standard implementationrudyhuangClosed
LaterBugZK-3728<a> renders a stacked font awesome icon with incorrect alignmentDevChuClosed
MinorBugZK-3820Can't scroll a listbox horizontally and vertically in a scrollable window with a mobile browserUnassignedClosed
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