Version 8.0.1


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Released: 19/Jan/16

Release Notes

BlockerBugZK-2979OSGi: Split Packages of javassist.util.proxywenninghsuClosed
BlockerBugZK-3022NPE when expand all node of Tree by set isOpen = true for all TreeItemchristopherszuClosed
BlockerBugZK-3075Navbar and if attribut with empty testUnassignedClosed
CriticalBugZK-3900Combobox popup overlaps the input boxUnassignedClosed
MajorBugZK-2919WrongValueException prevents combobox from saving valueDevChuClosed
MajorBugZK-2938Mutual blocking setHeight-setVflex and setWidth-setHflex is not satisfactory.wenninghsuClosed
MajorBugZK-2943The root template should be added to page scopewenninghsuClosed
MajorNew FeatureZK-2944Support Shadow element selectorchristopherszuClosed
MajorBugZK-3026ChildrenBinding breaks when adding an element not to the end of the ListModelListDevChuClosed
MajorBugZK-3045Memory leak in MVVM bindingjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2329NPE at jumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2461Odd layout when adding columns dynamicallyChunfuChangClosed
NormalBugZK-27878.0.0-RC1 breaks ZkToDo2 demo with ZK error "cannot create proxy java.sql.Timestamp empty constructor needed"jumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2817Support combination of Ctrl, Alt and Shift for setCtrlKeys APIDevChuClosed
NormalBugZK-2866auxiliary headers will disapear when using <frozen/>ChunfuChangClosed
NormalBugZK-2917MVVM relocating components with ViewModelsjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2920Chosenbox in popup loose value in IE 10 jumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2941Combobutton has not keyboard behaviorDevChuClosed
NormalBugZK-2946tree column align ignoredwenninghsuClosed
NormalBugZK-2948Do listen "OnBind" again in Data handler when a widget trigger rerender()DevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2950Support a way to persist the Shadow elementjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2951Support a way to trigger MVVM command silentlyjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2953Support a way to get the invalid value from ValidationMessages with the given keyjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2957data-handler feature doesn't work with zhtml.Widget'swenninghsuClosed
NormalBugZK-2958Error "Removal causes a larger list?" on ComboboxDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2959Support customized class for getting content-typewenninghsuClosed
NormalBugZK-2964datebox format for time notation bugwenninghsuClosed
NormalBugZK-2983"Invalidate" corrupts the selection displayed in chosenboxSEFIClosed
NormalBugZK-2991<data-handler> doesn't accept <script>inline script</script>DevChuClosed
NormalBugZK-2995NamespaceParser should work with non-ZK namespacejumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-3009infinite loop with recursive apply-templatejumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-3040icon disappears in IE8 on mouse hoverchristopherszuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-3041Creatable chosenbox should be able to create new tag when typing subword of existing optionsDevChuClosed
NormalBugZK-3042Theme demo source out of sync with theme demo from official sitechristopherszuClosed
NormalBugZK-3053the ZK processing bar is shown unexpectedlyjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-3066custom resolvers doesn't work while BindELResolver has outcommented DynamicPropertiedELResolverDevChuClosed
NormalBugZK-3089Upload dialogue open again after click 'cancel'DevChuClosed
LaterBugZK-1590Doesn't listen to w:onShowjumperchenOpen
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