Version 8.0.0


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Released: 06/Oct/15

Release Notes

MajorBugZK-2542@converter causes a big performance issue on the nested children bindingjumperchenClosed
MajorNew FeatureZK-2674Add an annotation for notify commandjumperchenClosed
MajorNew FeatureZK-2675Add an annotation for client commandjumperchenClosed
MajorBugZK-2880Comboitems outside of combobox when updating the modeljumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-1717Support dymic template UnassignedClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2476Support to plug a different parser for parsing a pagejumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2508Enhance ForEachStatus to be consistent with JSTL's varStatus properties.jumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2545Children binding support ListModelDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2546Component EL resolver performance boostjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2576Support a shadow element concept for Databinding or EL expressionDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2578Add one more phase when initial bindingsjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2581Add a @SmartNotifyChange annotation that triggering the notification once the value of the property is changedjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2584Support @command and @global-command for client side to usejumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2596Support JSR 341: Expression Language 3.0ChunfuChangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2612ZHTML support textContent attribute for dynamic data bindingjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2613ZHTML component's src attribute support encodeURL like Image in ZuljumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2614ZK DataBinding support client callback function after some command triggeredjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2620Upgrade Font Awesome to 4.3 versionjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2631Parser support another namespace for shadow elementJamesChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2632Parser support disorder template tagDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2650BindingParam annotation support converting from JSON to POJO automaticallyjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2663Popup does not show up when its parent is nativeDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2668New Build-in Converter - FormattedTimeConverterDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2698Add a lightweight rich editorChunfuChangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2707Add a timepicker componentDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2708Add a rowlayout componentDevChuClosed
NormalNew support loadScript and loadCSS APIjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2716xhtml component dynamic updatesChunfuChangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2718Forbidden to set hflex/vflex and width/height at the same timeChunfuChangClosed
NormalBugZK-2721sh:apply parameters leaking into templatesjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2724Add a callback mechanism for component at redraw phasejumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2725New ZK message support - Danish translationChunfuChangClosed
NormalBugZK-2726Bean proxy object cannot accept a null valuejumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2727Utilize Scrollview component in desktopChunfuChangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2730Support client data attributes handlerjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2738Break line merge problem in zul fileDevChuClosed
NormalDocumentationZK-2743Add ZK-2730 feature to ZK wiki documentjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2744pause comet server push while au isn't readyChunfuChangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2753el3 enhancement for invoking customized static methodChunfuChangClosed
NormalBugZK-2760Child not allowed in org.zkoss.zhtml.Input (with open & close tags)ChunfuChangClosed
NormalBugZK-2763Property 'bindingAttributes' not found on type org.zkoss.bind.BindComposerDevChuClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2819Provide a websocket channel to share application data between ZK and non-ZK applicationjumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2822Provide a channel to communicate between client and server with ZK composer jumperchenClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2831Support deferred evaluation like JSF #{}ChunfuChangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2838Shadow Template Support MVCChunfuChangClosed
NormalNew FeatureZK-2876ZK Custom Taglib should support the depends attribute to load them in orderjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-2881unexpected focus class locationchristopherszuClosed
LaterBugZK-2856JSON output is not validjumperchenReopened
MinorBugZK-2762zk:zscript tag directly inside html or head tag no longer worksjumperchenClosed
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