Version 6.5.4


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Released: 24/Sep/13

Release Notes

CriticalBugZK-1859Comet Servlet 3 Push: AsycInfo does not catch IllegalStateException thrown on GlassFish 3.1.2jumperchenClosed
CriticalBugZK-1870ZK Does not set session in SessionCtrl when handling a Portlet Ajax requestjumperchenClosed
MajorBugZK-1857ZK 6.5 EE OSGi: Comet Servlet 3 Push does not workvincentjianClosed
MajorBugZK-1930A Error occur on class org.zkoss.web.servlet.Servlets method public static boolean isBrowser(String userAgent, String type)jumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1588bandbox popup should drop up when the space between the bandbox and the bottom of browser is not enoughnoahhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-1747Chosenbox - Combobox behaving differently (when using ListSubModel)jumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1758Selectors finds too many components when using CSS child selectorjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1814ListBox throw UiException "Out of bound: .. while size=.." if you paging with keys (PageUp)noahhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-1832No longer possible to configure ZK HttpSessionListener implementationnoahhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-1836Javascript string with </script> escape issuejumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1837Checking the checkbox inside the groupbox should not trigger the onOpen event of GroupboxjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1847When sending a request without data to server, the created event's data is an empty map instead of nullRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZK-1854Issue with toolbar and hflex= 1jumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1861Js error when flex + visible = falsejumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1862Should not echo parameter value back to clientjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1863validationMessages with init annotation throw exceptionUnassignedClosed
NormalBugZK-1864share listmodelist cause un-predictable reloadjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1867Set visible of row doesn't work correctly jumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1871Comet Servlet 3 Push returns 500 Internal Server ErrorjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1878IE Compatibility View issue when using Meta tag with IE=edgejumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1884The slider's value should not be greater then maxpos after clicked its rightmost positionRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZK-1890Can't subscribe eventqueue in desktop cleanupjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1891Combobox with Validator will trigger reload selectedItem when typingUnassignedClosed
NormalBugZK-1913AuResponse of stop comet server push would override the request of start in some situationRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZK-1918Serialization issue with Script componentjumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1925IE9/10 Chrome vflex issue, with invisible divsRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZK-1929The hover stype of non-closable groupbox are not the samejumperchenClosed
NormalBugZK-1962Bad performance of Listbox after ZK 6.5.2 --> 6.5.3 upgradeRaymondChaoClosed
NormalBugZK-1970Popup from popup does not work in IEnoahhuangClosed
NormalBugZK-1986web-fragment not distributableUnassignedClosed
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